How to Access Kentucky Divorce Records?

The divorce records are a summary of court proceedings. They include information about the dissolution of legal marriage in Kentucky state. As they are court records, anyone can get access through public record websites.

And this means finding Kentucky divorce records is easy. It will provide you with personal information about the finances, and minor and sensitive criminal information, including domestic abuse. But divorce records are much more challenging to get than any other public records.

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Kentucky Divorce Records Availability to the Public

Kentucky divorce records are accessible through the public court system. They are public records and are available to the general public.

Anyone who requests the divorce records will be able to get the information. They need to provide the following identification information about the record.


  • Full name of both the parties involved in the divorce.
  • The exact day of the divorce decision
  • Mail address for the record.
  • County of the final decision.

By default, the court records are not filed under the seal during the final judgment. To seal the divorce record, the court must give a favorable decision. In this case, both parties involved in a divorce must agree and pass a motion with the court to seal the records.

There will be a request to provide the reason for keeping the details sealed. It must not give more information than required. The judge will hear the motion and decide whether to seal the decision.

There are specific reasons which can encourage the judge to order the filing of the record under the seal. And this can include.

Reasons That Can Encourage the Judge

  • Protecting the identity of the children
  • Protecting the identity of victims of domestic violence
  • Protecting confidential or sensitive financial information like bank details
  • Protecting proprietary business information
  • Avoiding the release of false allegations

If the motion is successful, the judge will order to seal the information as required to maintain privacy. The sealed divorce records will only be available to either of the parties or to the authorized representatives.

How to Get Kentucky Divorce Records?

Kentucky divorce records will include divorce decrees and other documents of the proceedings. Kentucky family courts are responsible for maintaining the documents. Generally, both parties get a copy of the proceedings upon the marriage dissolution.

If you want the divorce court record, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Specific fees for obtaining the record will vary from one court to the other. When you need divorce records, you must send a written request to the Office of the Court Clerk. 

Besides, you must provide the following information.

  • Name of both the parties involved
  • The exact date and year of the divorce
  • Court case number
  • Divorce location


How to get a Kentucky divorce certificate?

The associated party must submit the request to the Office of vital statistics to get the certificate. They will charge a $6 fee for the copy’s search, certification, and final provision.

What is the Kentucky divorce record?

The record showcases the complete legal case for the dissolution of a marriage. It will have essential information on the divorce certificate and decree.

Can I find divorce records online?

There are now public portals available online to get information. But the service charge and the experience will differ from one platform to another.


Finding Kentucky divorce records will not be easy. It requires a lot of information about the proceedings or the case to get the exact details. Start by contacting the authorized right party to make things easier and faster.

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