Kentucky Drivers License Renewal – What to Know?

A valid driving license is crucial to enjoying driving your favorite vehicle legally. But things don’t end here. Once you get your driving license, you must stay aware of the renewal period to avoid any later obligations.

In Kentucky, you can easily renew your driving license online, in person, or by mail. However, the guide will provide clear insights if you are new to the Kentucky driving license renewal process.

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When to Renew KY Driver License?

Your initial driving license will stay active for eight years. After this, you will have to renew your license every four years. The expiry date will be 31 days after your birthday.

When your license expires over a year, you must complete a vision and the written test. While after five years of expiry, you need to start all over as a beginner driver. Although it might seem nice, you must retake your exam to get a driving license.

How to Renew KY Driving License?

You can complete your driving license renewal online, in person, or by mail. The standard cost of your license renewal will be around $21.5. At the same time, the eight-year real id will be $48. Both options will arrive by mail within 10 to 15 business days.

Renew Driving License in Person

If you wish to change the license class or name, you will have to follow this mode, you are not a US citizen, or you are not 20 years older or underage. You must surrender your current credentials to renew your standard license. But if you plan to move from a standard to an actual id, then you will have to bring documentation that includes.

  • Proof of Identity like a citizenship document or birth certificate
  • Proof of social security number
  • Two residency proof
  • Proof of legal identity change

The state is trying to move all the driving license servicing online. The office of the Circuit Court clerk will no longer provide the license. Based on the county, you can schedule the appointment online. Walk-ins are always welcome, but there is no guarantee of how much time you will have to wait.

Renew the Driving License Online

Luckily for many people, the renewal process will be much easier as things have gone online. You can easily continue with Kentucky driver’s license renewal online if your current ID or license is still accurate. When you renew online, you cannot change from a standard license to the real one. 

Renew Driving License by Mail

Only the standard four-year Kentucky driver’s license renewal is possible by email. However, if you lost or misplaced the license, you must update your address to complete the driving license or renewal form. You will have to send the documents to the following address.


What happens when the driving license expires in Kentucky?

Once your license expires, you need to renew it immediately. However, if it has been a year, you must redo your written and eye tests. While after five years, you will have to start from scratch.

Can I schedule an appointment to renew my driving license?

There is no need for appointments. Walk-ins are always welcome. Generally, the midweek morning will be pretty busy. So getting there before the lunch break will be helpful.

What happens if I drive in Kentucky without a valid license?

If you take out a vehicle on the roads of Kentucky without a valid ride license, it will be against the law. So you can be fined up to $50 and even jailed.


Kentucky driver’s license renewal process can be absolutely easy. You can continue with the same online mode, by mail, or in person. Based on your comfort level, you can follow the process and get your driving license renewed. Make sure that you follow the process to avoid any legal applications.

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