How to Access Kentucky on Mobile?

Kentucky Constitution has made it easy for people to get access to the arrest details and look for the inmates as required. There is now an official website for the process.

If you are hoping to get an overview of the public arrest records, you can log in to the website. It will help find the essential information. But generally, people are unaware of the same.

If you are wondering how to access Kentucky on Mobile, then the details will be helpful for you.

What are the Inmate Records?

There is an online portal that contains reports produced by law enforcement entities. The documents contain personal information and the sentence information of the person detained. Also, it will provide information about the inmate’s biodata, charge, mugshot, and other element code statement. In addition, the records can contain extra information about the criminal Record.

The best thing is the reports are open for public inspection. But if you are wondering how to access on Mobile, then the details ahead will help. There are both third-party websites and traditional government websites. With this, you will have the ease of finding the records.

The only difference here is that third-party organizations go beyond geographical limitations. They can give better information. But remember, they are not Government sponsored. So, the information you find here can be different than the law enforcement website.

How to Access on Mobile?

If you have been wondering how to access on Mobile, the details here will be helpful.

  • You have to use the search engine platform to look for Kentucky There you will find the option to register.
  • You will have to select the option from the list that describes the intention behind the registration on the portal.
  • In the next step, enter your email address, name, password, address, and telephone number.
  • Once you provide all the information, you need to click on I agree in the box.
  • Lastly, you will have to click on the register button 
  • Once registered, you can look up public data as and when required. 

How to Check the Public Records?

The given information made it clear how to access on Mobile. Now it is time to know how you can perform the search.

  • Go ahead and visit the Kentucky court of justice’s public menu.
  • Here, you will find the login option. You must enter your email address and password correctly. It is the information that you used during the registration process.
  • You will now see AOCFastCheck. Here you can request the records of the individuals.

Once you submit the request, you will get an email alert on the registered mail address. It will allow you to view the document and the report. It will remain accessible for 30 days.

Can Anyone Access the Portal?

When you are hoping to perform a search, you must wonder how to access on Mobile. After all, you will want to know if you can do so. As most other US states have the information public, anyone can access it.

You need to request a law enforcement agency. But you need to remember that information misuse is a criminal offense. Thus, when found guilty of the same, you will receive punishment.

Why Can’t You Access the Record?

Although the website is public, you won’t be able to access the details in certain situations. If you are facing any issues, there are nine reasons for the same.

  • The information is to protect security.
  • Another federal law restricts the information release.
  • The information is for internal practice and rules of the agency
  • Information includes confidential trade secrets.
  • The information consists of a confidential communicative exchange of agencies.
  • The information can come with a threat to another person’s privacy.
  • The information is only for law enforcement or investigation purposes.
  • Information includes confidential data about the financial institution’s supervision.
  • The information can give access to geographical information about the wells.

In all these situations, despite the best try, you won’t be able to get the records.


How can you look up

The website is easily accessible to the public. So anyone who wishes to get the documents must request the agency. You then need to log in to the portal. With this, you will be able to access the information you need.

How to find the inmate release date?

To get this information, you must call the facility with under reserving impression. Alternatively, you can also write a letter to the authorized personnel.

How to know if someone is incarcerated?

You can visit the law enforcement agency’s website for information about the inmates, complete names, or identification numbers.


Looking up arrests details is absolutely easy. Now, you know how to access Mobile. With this, you will have the clarity to perform the inmate search. Make sure you follow the process right to get the information you have been hoping for.

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