More About Kentucky Prison Facilities for Inmates

Kentucky takes proper measures to punish those who have broken any law. The rules are strict and are applicable to all. But, the prisons in Kentucky are pretty comfortable and provide many facilities.

If you are wondering about Kentucky prison facilities for inmates, then the guide will help you get clear insights.

The prisons in Kentucky keep the criminals or those who have broken and law. But there are a lot of facilities provided to them throughout their stay. 

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Different Types of Prisons in Kentucky

Kentucky has got different types of prisons meant for criminals in various matters. You can find prisons from low to high security. The state is well prepared to keep every kind of criminal. Besides, they are responsible for maintaining control of hundreds of inmates in prison.

The inmates are there for different degrees of communal activity. The list here will provide insights into Kentucky’s most challenging facilities.

  1. Big Sandy
  2. Blackburn Correctional Complex
  3. Eastern Kentucky Correctional Institute
  4. Green River Correctional Facility
  5. Kentucky State Penitentiary Eddyville
  6. Kentucky State Reformatory
  7. Luther Luckett
  8. Pewee Valley Women’s Prison
  9. Northpoint Training Center
  10. Western Kentucky Correctional Complex

The security level in Kentucky prison facilities for inmates will vary. Undoubtedly, the inmates will receive the basic facility in all cases. They will be in prison based on the level of the crime they committed. The facility spends a lot of money on providing basic to high-level facilities to the inmates. But it differs. In fact, the person must pay for the facilities they will receive inside the prison.

Facilities of the Kentucky Prison

Kentucky prisons are well-curated to keep criminals detained for different types of crimes. But they all provide some basic level of facilities. If you are wondering about Kentucky prison facilities for inmates, then the details will be helpful.

  • Access to the informal and formal educational program

The programs can include everything from vocational training, GED programs, college courses, etc.

  • Communication with loved ones

Telephone calls, visitation, etc., are all available to keep the inmate connected with his family.

  • Inmate work programs

Most inmates, while staying in prison, will have a job. It provides them with much-needed vocational training. It can help make it easier to transition back into society once the sentence period is over.

  • Purchasing commissary items

The inmates will earn a small wage by working in prison. They can use it to spend on the items at the commissary to get comfort or entertainment.

  • Dayroom and recreational activities

It is the place where the inmates can all gather to play games, simply visit or watch television.

Besides, the prisoners have the right to speech, religion, and privacy. For example, they can follow the religion of their choice. Besides, basic rights like food and drinks, housing, clothes, bed, mattress, mental health care, physical health, and legal aid are all given at the prison.

The basic necessity is available for all inmates in all prison types. The extra ones will differ based on the orders.

Are the Privileges the Same for All?

The prison in Kentucky assigns individual classification levels. They are almost based on the behavior of the criminal. The classification review officer will review the classification when they disagree with the classification. They all have varying privileges based on the matrix level prescribed by the offender management review. They look at the prison accomplishment of the inmate and the failure to decide.


What is the difference between privilege and right?

The right is the one offered by the constitution either at the federal or state level. But there is no right to suspension without the process of law. In contrast, the privilege is the one that applies to the written rules governing the facility operations. Thus, the authority can decide to suspend it at any time.

Can the privileges suspend?

The prisons offer the inmates privileges for many reasons. It works as an incentive to ensure better behavior by the inmates. They work well for elevating the widespread pressure dissect that leads to riots. But the authority can decide to cut off the privilege at any time when the inmate breaks the rule.

Do all prisons have privileges?

The facilities in each prison can vary. It will be applicable based on the term of placements of the inmates in jail. Besides, when the person has committed a serious crime, they might not be able to receive the privileges.


Prison facilities for inmates differ significantly. It is based on the level of crime and the improvement they have shown while staying there. However, despite all their crimes, they are liable to receive the primary facility of bedding, food, and drinks.

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