How to Check Kentucky Arrest Details?

The person who has committed any crime or broken any law will receive punishment under the law. The information of all the accused is at a centralized location. 

It is under the control of the Kentucky state police. Also, all the justice level agencies, including the office of the county, clerks, sheriff department, and tribunals, are legally obligated. 

A specialized department created for the same plays a significant role in collecting the data to include it in the centralized criminal history information system. 

All of this information is available for access. It means you can check Kentucky arrest details. The guide here will help you know things better.

What is the Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant, in simple words, is a legal order signed by the sitting magistrate of the tribunal at any level of the judicial system. Before the arrest warrant is issued, the magistrate will be legally obligated to ensure enough evidence to implicate the accused.

The arrest warrant will show the legal order from the higher authority to get the person arrested. The order will mention the name of the suspect. However, it is not a legal mandate. Regarding detention, it just provides police extra rights when initiating an arrest.

To check Kentucky arrest details, you can connect with the departments. Whether you are looking for a current Kentucky arrest detail or if you wish to access past records, it is possible. You need to understand the process properly and the department you will have to contact for the same.

Why You Need to Check Kentucky Arrest Details

A person will have access to Kentucky arrest details for background check purposes. The report provided by the police will include the name of the arrest warrant. The warrant issue is against the applicant; It consists of the information on the arrest records. One can access records from Ky Website.

But not everyone can request data about criminal history from the KSP. Only certain institutions can offer access to minors or any physically compromised individual.

Even when requesting a background check, the prospective employer must take a consent form from the subject. In fact, the employee will have to sign the request form.

They need to mention the name of the organization where they have applied for the job. Also, they need to provide information on any criminal involvement in the past.

How to Request a Background Check?

When requesting a background check, the applicant must provide the required details. Also, he needs to mention the reason for inquiring. It will include the following.

  • Clear identification of the employer who is requesting the report
  • A waiver to keep away the legal liability of KSP. It can happen when the applicant is unable to get a job.
  • The applicant’s personal information. It will include first and last name, date of birth, SSN, and current address.
  • Applicant’s signature 
  • Witness signature

There is also criminal history information. The administrative office of the court maintains the same. At the same time, both AOC and KSP take applications. However, the extent of information or the type will vary. For instance, the KSP will offer more information on criminal history data.

Thus, the background report of the KSP will include only the information on cases that are in a guilty vertex. In contrast, when you check AOC details, it will provide information on the misdemeanor and the cases in the name of the applicant within the last five years.

In both cases, one can give the application to the department in person, or one can do it through the mail. At this point, the Fax or phones are not accepted by either of the agency.


Can anyone access the Kentucky arrest details?

The right is only for the bodies that help the person. It is available in case of any mental or physical complications.

How to contact the recording unit of the Kentucky administrative office?

To contact the administrative office, you can use these details.
Address- 100 Millcreek Park, Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone- +1 502-573-2350

How long does the arrest record stay on the file?

The arrest records on the warrant happen in criminal cases. The state police database then holds it until the person’s death. In contrast, the AOC will have information on the last 25 years.


Getting Kentucky arrest details is a lot easier when you have got an idea about the process. The guide here must have offered you clear insights about the same. No matter whether you are looking for an old record or if you wish to get the Record of a fresh case, there is a possibility for it. You just have to connect with the right department.

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