What are the Federal Prisons in Kentucky?

Kentucky takes the constitution’s rules and regulations quite seriously. They aim to ensure the proper use and application of the rules to maintain peace and harmony among the people.

Thus, they have prisons to keep the people committing crimes in check. As of now, Kentucky has got about five stand-alone federal prisons and five federal prison camps. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Office is responsible for the management of the prisons.

There are about 6123 inmates inside the federal prisons. But many people are unaware of the federal prison in Kentucky. The guide here will be helpful if you wish to get further information. People can use the Arrests.org ky portal to access arrest records.

Federal Prisons in Kentucky 

The federal prisons have got high-level security to administrative level security. The prisoner’s detention will depend on the level of the crime he has committed. The list here will specify the federal prison.

  • Ashland FCI

It is a low-key federal prison meant for male inmates. The prison is 5 miles from the town of Ashland. There, most of the inmates are completing shorter sentences.

They are here after getting a transfer from the facilities in the surrounding states. They need to maintain prison employment and pursue vocational, educational, and self-enrichment courses.

  • Ashland Prison Camp

If you are wondering about a least security federal prison in Kentucky, this is the one. The prison is for male inmates near the Federal Correction Institution Ashland.

The prison is one of the most desirable federal prisons. It is because it offers inmate recreation and exercise programs to facilitate wellness. It can include stress reduction. 

  • Big Sandy USP

It is a high-security prison meant for males. Since 2003 it has housed a large population of inmates for charges of violent crimes. Most of them have occurred in Washington, DC.

The inmates have the option to continue their education and take part in personal enrichment classes. Besides, medically abled people get the work details they need to perform. It depends on the capability of the person.

  • Big Sandy Prison Camp

It is a minor security satellite prison camp. Herein all the inmates must maintain their jobs. Also, they must continue with the self-enrichment courses, education, and vocational courses.

  • Lexington FMC

It is a well-known administrative security facility meant for male inmates. But, the prison is suitable for all the inmates who need robust physical and mental healthcare.

  • Lexington Prison Camp

Like any other prison camp, it is a minimum security camp for females and maids. Herein the inmates are in good health. But they have got chronic conditions like medically controlled diabetes. All the inmates are non-violent and have less than ten years remaining in their sentences.

  • Manchester FCI

It medium-security federal prison meant for male inmates. They need to work, while those with high school diplomas must continue with their GED. There are also extra courses and support groups available. They help the prisoners to prepare for their eventual release.

  • Manchester Prison Camp

The prison is for males. They are all expected to work and continue with educational literacy and self-enrichment goals. The security measures here are lighter than in any other higher securities institution.

  • McCreary USP

The security level of the prison is extremely high. It is for male inmates. Besides the regular prison job, the inmates in the facility must study. It is for those who do not have a high school diploma or are proficient in English.

They must take courses to enhance their skills. Besides, there are also educational programs, including GED. The prison also provides life skills, enrichment courses, and counseling.

  • McCreary Prison Camp

Lastly, the satellite prison camp is for males. They have higher security houses in cells. At this prison, the inmates have access to education, substance abuse, self-enrichment, and vocational program.


Are there any women-specific prisons?

Lexington prison camp is a women-specific prison. It is only for those who have a sentence left for less than ten years and are non-violent.

What are the facilities provided at the prison?

The prison offers numerous facilities for the inmates. They have the right to education, basic food and drinks, mattress bedding, etc. Besides, there are also facilities for exercise, vocational, etc.

Is there any possible chance for the inmate to contact the family?

They can contact their family via phone calls, letters, etc. It helps them stay connected to their family while they prepare to return to society.


There are different types of federal prisons in Kentucky. The decision to send an inmate to prison depends entirely on their crime level. Each prison has got different security level and facilities it provides to the inmates. Besides, they are changes and shifts made in prison based on the inmate’s behavior.

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